Orthodontic/Braces Treatment and Orthodontist in Vikaspuri and Janakpuri

Why to visit a good Orthodontist?

Here we are sharing why on should always visit an experienced orthodontist and why you should visit Dental Quest for the Best Orthodontist in Dwarka and Orthodontic treatment in Dwarka.

In India and abroad, there are many people who have to face the problem both professionally and personally because of their misaligned and crooked teeth. For correcting such teeth, orthodontists with experience and expertise are preferred. Orthodontists are dentist with knowledge of new technologies and advanced studies for dealing with malocclusion. This treatment involves braces, aligners, retainers and even headgears for certain condition.

Do you feel embarrassed while laughing and thus avoid smiling at every possible occasion just because your teeth are misaligned and crooked? Then you are a right candidate to visit an orthodontist.

An orthodontist at Dental Quest can help you in dealing with such problem instead of a general practitioner or a dentist. A dentist may have the knowledge about such problems, but they lack advanced studies dealing with malocclusion and realignment of teeth to provide a glowing and bright smile on the patients face.

There is no doubt that the dentists are capable of doing many treatments, but still they will also refer you to an orthodontist so that you get a perfect treatment from a good orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment may take around 3 months to 3 years, depending on the condition and severity. But the end result will surely be the best.

Metal Braces / Traditional Braces

Dental World offers low cost metal brace or traditional braces treatment for the orthodontic problems like crooked teeth and crowded teeth. Metal braces are usually made up of stainless steel, but on demand even silver and gold are used. These braces can easily bear various oral and dental treatments. In the initial phase you may feel some irritation, but gradually it will subside. If irritation is unbearable, then you can apply wax to the metal bracket.

Advantage of Traditional metal braces:

  • Less expensive
  • Short treatment duration
  • Strong and do not break easily
  • Available in different colors of choice

Disadvantage of Traditional; Metal Braces:

  • They are noticeable in comparison to ceramic ones
  • Uncomfortable in the beginning
  • Irritates initially

For the most traditional braces, o-shaped elastic band also known as ‘ligament’ is used to hold the wire of the bracket properly. At times even metal ties are used instead of rubber or elastic ties or ligatures. Earlier the traditional; braces used to wrap each and every tooth, whereas today small metal bracket are glued in front of each tooth. Metal; braces is less expensive in comparison to ceramic braces other modern braces. Today various coloured elastic ties are available that an individual can choose as per his/her choice and style quotient.

All about Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces are just like the traditional braces with a difference. These braces unlike the traditional ones contain tooth coloured or clear brackets that match with the natural colour of the teeth. Some ceramic braces even comprise of clear or tooth colour wires that go unnoticed. Today, new technologies provide us with numerous treatment options through which teeth can be straightened and positioned perfectly. Ceramic braces are almost transparent, thus they go noticed at one short glace and they don’t give an unattractive look while smiling.

These braces are made up using the ceramic alloys and other composite material that are not at all harmful. Adults usually prefer ceramic braces instead of the traditional ones. They are easy to match with the natural or organic colour of the teeth that does not even tarnish at all. The best thing that is liked by the adults in case of ceramic brace is its less visibility. The best thing about this brace is that the ceramic used does not stain, but excessive coffee or smoking can stain the wires that are used to keep the bracket in position.

Removable Appliances

Removable Appliances are used to manage the minor problem of oral health and positioning and holding of teeth where usually plastic plates are not recommended. These appliances are not permanently fixed to the teeth and can easily be removed by the patient. These particular appliances are made from acrylic plates that have inbuilt wires that grip the teeth tightly so that the brace remains in place. It is important to handle the removal appliances with extreme care.

Removal Appliances are used for

  • Expansion of arch
  • Simple tipping movement
  • Allowing differential eruption of teeth with the use of bite planes
  • Moving and positioning of teeth inside the arch
  • Intrusion and extrusion of teeth.

Removal appliances are made in the laboratory rather than on the mouth of the patient directly, that reduces the dentist time. This particular appliance must be worn by the person almost every time except while playing or cleaning them as per the instruction of the orthodontist. While the braces are not in use they must be kept safely in a container. Initially, when you use them you may feel strange in the beginning but very soon you will adapt the changes and at the same time no one can even point out the difference.

Self Ligating Braces

Orthodontist uses special orthodontic hardware that allows putting steady pressure for a time period so that the teeth moves and acquires its ideal position. In the traditional braces other than braces itself, arch wire and elastic ties are used. Whereas, while using the self-Ligating braces the dentist does not use elastic ties or the metal ties. Instead of the elastic ties they opt for the movable component that is installed permanently used to entrap the wire.

SPEED is the very first Self-Ligating brace that was introduced in 1980. This new technology has proved to be truly competent and extremely responsible for the success of the treatment in less time. Using Self-Ligating brace free us from the problems that are faced with the traditional braces like frictional binding and food trapping. No ties means reduced frictional resistance. It applies less pressure and moves the teeth without any sort of restraint. No ties result in the reduced amount of food trapping that is actually good for the maintenance and cleanliness of the teeth and the braces as well.

It is absolutely one of the most extraordinary technology introduced in the field of dental science that helps in reducing the overall time taken for the entire treatment.

ClearPath Aligners: Aligners/Invisible Braces/Clear Aligners. The best orthodontic treatment for Adults in Dwarka, Gurgaon, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri and nearby areas

Best Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Adults are usually very cautious about their look and style thus putting on braces make them feel jittery. But with modernization and new technological developments there are new Invisible braces in the market that has emerged as the top priority braces amongst people who actually need straightening of their teeth. These Invisible Aligners are also called Clear Aligners that are the best option available today.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment with ClearPath Aligners

For a straighter teeth and a beautiful smile, clear aligners are considered as one of the best options of treatment that are available with the orthodontists. Some of the benefits of Clear Aligner Orthodontic treatment are:

  • Proper brushing and flossing is possible with them because the aligners are removable.
  • The aligners can easily be cleaned.
  • They are comfortable and adjustable for every shape and size of mouth.
  • Protects wearing of teeth.

Clear Path is the best for Adults for a desired result a person only needs to wear it for 20 hours a day. Aligners are replaced with the next set of altered pair in 3 weeks. The entire treatment time depends upon the oral condition or dental health. Approximately the complete treatment may take a minimum of 3 weeks or as long as 6 months. People will love to know that this or of medical treatment takes lesser time in comparison to the ugly tradition braces treatment.

GOLD / Colored Braces

Instead of adapting the metal or lingual braces, go for the Gold/ colored braces, because these braces blend well with your attractive smile. People prefer gold braces over the stainless braces because they find it more welcoming and love the appearance of this metal. They feel more confident wearing these gold and colored braces because it gives a distinct look and jewellery like appearance. Before the treatment starts you can always ask your dentist or orthodontist to show you how your Colored/ Gold braces will look like.

If you think that the gold color braces are made from gold, then you are completely mistaken. These braces are coated with zirconium nitride or titanium nitride to get the required gold color. Real 24K gold is very soft and thus cannot be used for such purpose. People with nickel allergy have this as a perfect solution and the others love the appearance of gold braces. These braces are also available to the required person in various shapes, sizes and color as per their demand. Gold/colored braces provides a unique style and give a lovely appearance that is loved and adored by all those who wish to change their old fashioned braces.

Lingual Braces

People who do not prefer their braces to be shown in public can opt for lingual braces. These are considered the best alternative to the traditional braces as they are attached on the back side of the teeth so that they are barely visible. Thinking about those traditional braces makes me shiver, but now the new technology has given me confidence to adopt the braces without being noticed. This type of brace is paramount for those people who prefer to look their best during the orthodontic treatment procedure that helps you get rid of the misaligned and crooked front teeth in just 2 to 3 years.

Cost of lingual braces is higher in comparison to the traditional metal braces because of the high quality material used for making the lingual braces. While performing the treatment, the patient may feel discomfort as they have to lean their head far back so that the installation is done smoothly. The discomfort pays back for sure. The look and appearance after the procedure gives a normal feel as the braces installed are not visible to anybody else, until and unless they are pointed out.

What to take care while wearing Braces for all types

Whether you use braces on or not it is very important to have a clean oral hygiene for you and your teeth to stay away from the plaque, cavities and dental decay of any sort. With braces you must make sure that you brush your teeth twice or thrice a day and daily, floss them so that they look shining and bright after the braces are removed. It is very important to brush and floss carefully and rinse your mouth at least thrice or four times a day after every meal because braces and other appliances trap the food particles that may cause plaque formation.

For taking care and proper cleaning of braces you need to know the various common types of braces

  • Lingual Brackets: these braces are invisible to the others as they are placed inside of the teeth. These brackets are very difficult to clean, thus need a lot of patience in cleaning them.
  • Brackets: these brackets are made of ceramic or stainless steel and are placed on the front of the teeth with wires that holds on each and every individual tooth so that the braces provide proper pressure and does not loosen up.
  • Traditional braces: these braces are made of metal and involves metal band that wraps each tooth for securing the bracket.

The braces you opt may be of any type or style, but they all perform the same mechanism i.e. to apply proper pressure to the teeth so that they are realigned to its perfect position. Keeping the teeth clean with braces is a big challenge. The dentist and orthodontic after placing the braces will instruct you the methods through which you can keep your teeth clean. They will also guide you regarding food and drinks that you must avoid with braces.

Orthodontists will instruct you to daily, floss your teeth with the floss thread or orthodontic floss that has a built in tongue threader that helps in flossing perfectly under the elastic band or wire of the braces. The dentist may also ask to opt inter-dental cleaner or toothbrush with unique features that perfectly fit the places around the braces and use topical fluoride that helps in preventing decay of teeth