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Best Dental Braces or Orthodontic Treatment in Dwarka, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri & Gurgaon

Dental Quest offers the best Dental Braces Treatment (Orthodontic Treatment) in Dwarka and nearby areas. Patients come to Dental Quest for Orthodontic Treatment from Janakpuri, Vikaspuri & even Gurgaon. An experienced orthodontist will take care of your problems at Dental Quest.

Dental Quest offers the best Orthodontic Treatment in Dwarka.

Orthodontic treatment prevents and treats the irregularities of teeth that affect the beauty of a face. During orthodontic treatments Braces are used to apply regular pressure on the teeth to align, closing gaps and straightening them, so that perfection is brought to the person’s bite, along with improving the oral dental health. Regular pressure from braces shifts the teeth in a new position in a certain period of time. Braces are of two types cosmetic and structural. The braces are also used along with the other orthodontic devices, to amplify jaws and sharpen the patient’s teeth and jaw.

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Avoiding Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics not just beautifies the look of yours, it is also important for the long lasting healthy teeth. Properly aligned and straight teeth are easy to manage, clean, brush and floss that helps in reducing issues like tooth decay and gum diseases like gingivitis that may lead to periodontitis if not treated on time; that may simultaneously destroy the entire structure of the bone that surrounds the teeth and causes tooth loss.

If by any chance the tooth decay or gum disease is left untreated, then it may cause problems like mouth sores, tenderness, bleeding of gums, gingivitis, sensitivity, tooth loss and bad breath.

Why the treatment is required?

Orthodontic or dental braces are used to straighten the teeth, correction of bite irregularities, closing of gaps in between teeth i.e. malocclusion and for the proper alignment of teeth. Orthodontic treatment even helps during the different areas of dental treatment like cosmetic treatment and implants.

This treatment is required if you have an irregular bite as a result of inheritance or due to trauma, thumb sucking and pre-mature loss of primary teeth. There are people who do not seek treatment for overbite or other related bite issues. But, to boost the confidence in people and be comfortable in a crowd, it is important to have attractive and properly aligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment helps in boosting the self confidence and also improving the overall facial appearance as well.

The treatment is recommended for those who have the severe bite related problem. This problem occurs when the jaws are not in proper alignment. The treatment can fix this problem so that the patient can chew and digest the food easily. Some people also have speech related problem because of improper alignment of upper and lower front teeth. With the help of orthodontic problems and speech therapy this problem can easily be cured. When the upper and the lower teeth do not meet correctly, extra pressure or strain is put on the jaw muscles that eventually causes problems related to the jaws and at times even causes severe headache as well.

In general the people with crowded or say the crooked teeth must visit the orthodontist for the treatment. The orthodontic treatment is helpful in straightening the teeth and positioning them properly with the help of braces. This treatment improves the overall appearance and problems related to bite as well. There are many people who have protruding upper front teeth that look unpleasant and cover the attractive feature of the face with its ugliness. With time such teeth get damaged, but with the help of orthodontic and dental braces the teeth can be moved back to the proper position that provides an attractive look along with healthy teeth.

A well positioned and straight tooth gives a very good appearance and your smile also looks more than stunning. This treatment is a must because the procedure adopted by the orthodontist helps in preserving the teeth from decay and gum related diseases.

Types of Braces and their functioning

We at Dental Quest offer many types of braces than was used earlier. The options of braces are:

Metal Braces/ Traditional Braces:

When you hear about them you will start imagining metal brackets and wires. Although, today the brackets used are much smaller and are almost unnoticeable. Additionally the new technique of heat-activated archwires is almost painless and moves the teeth more quickly using the heat of the body. The best thing about these braces is that they are comparatively less expensive and are available in colour bands.

The traditional braces are prepared using the highest quality of stainless steel and are usually used for kids. To keep the wire intact on the brackets that is positioned, rubber or elastic ties are used. These ties come in various colours from which you can choose your favourite colour.

Self-ligating Braces

Self-Legating braces are the most modern technology that reduces the time required to wear braces. These braces use an advanced system of wiring and have very few adjustments that make it much more relaxed and comfortable in comparison to the braces that are used generally. Adopting these braces simply mean that you do not have to visit the dental clinic every now and then even during the treatment.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces used for orthodontic treatment have the same shape and size of the metal braces with a single difference that the brackets used here are of the colour of tooth or are clear brackets that blends with the teeth. People can even ask for wires that are of the colour of the tooth so that they become less noticeable. Ceramic braces are costlier than the metal ones and can even stain easily if not taken proper care.
Ceramic braces are prepared using ceramic alloys or some combination of materials. The adults usually go for ceramic braces as they are transparent and almost invisible. The best thing about this brace is their aesthetic and cosmetic appeal and the movement of teeth is much faster in comparison to Invisalign. The wires or the ties of the Ceramic braces are changed every time the adjustment is done.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are somewhat similar to the metal or traditional braces that are placed in front of the teeth. These brackets and wires of these braces are placed on the inner side of the teeth or say the back of the teeth. These braces are hardly noticeable, but they are difficult to clean and are not appropriate for several cases. They are even more expensive and take longer time for the adjustments.

ClearPath Aligners (Best for Adults)

ClearPath Aligners is clear coloured plastic aligners that look like a mouth guard. Just like the braces they manage the movement of teeth using the measured force, but without any wire or brackets. These aligners are removable and are required to be changed in every 14 days. These aligners are almost invisible and using this, the patients can easily do their routine activity like eating, drinking and chewing. They have to be worn for at least 20 hours in a day. ClearPath Aligners are not recommended for dental problems that are serious.

ClearPath Aligners is made up of best quality plastic that is designed so that they adjust well with every individual’s mouth. A set of aligners is designed earlier, that push the teeth a bit more than the other aligners that were used before. This procedure of changing aligners is done until the teeth are moved to its supposed position. The best thing about this aligner is that they are easily removable and so cleaning is easy. It even allows the person to wash and floss their teeth after each meal. The Aligners also prevent wearing of teeth caused from grinding of teeth.

Gold/Coloured Braces

People who prefer highlighting their braces opts for the coloured/gold braces. These braces are available in all colour, shape and sizes. If you are stylish and what an entirely distinct looks, then you may prefer this style and type of braces.

How long the Orthodontic treatment takes?

People who are recommended to go through orthodontic treatment will take a few months to 3 years of continuous treatment with precautions. The length of treatment depends completely on the seriousness of the dental problem, he or she is facing. Generally, it takes not more than 2 years of the time period in getting the tooth in position with proper alignment.

Care of Braces

Proper care of teeth becomes a little tough when you have braces. Braces have numerous small gaps where the meal taken can be accumulated and later on develop plaque that causes issues related to dental. Caring teeth mean avoiding dental issues like tartar, gingivitis etc. Thus, extra effort is needed to clean the teeth, if neglected serious consequences may be caused related to oral health.

Tips for brushing and Flossing

People with braces must brush their teeth properly using smooth toothbrush. The orthodontist or the dentist may help and instruct regarding the technique of brushing with braces on. Brush with a ‘V’ shape is recommended usually by the orthodontist for cleaning teeth with braces. If the teeth have braces, flossing becomes difficult. You must use ‘sawing’ motion for floss in between the spaces of two teeth. The perfect instruction on how to brush and floss must be asked from the dentist or orthodontist.

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